Vol22 No31 3rd August 2022

Welcome to the JUMBO issue for August!
Our lead story this week is “Reminders to be prepared”. Inside, there’s a report from Constable Dylan, some news from our businesses, and a story about waste.
There’s also the announcement about the Tairua calendar that will be produced for 2023. And, as usual, there’s puzzles, a recipe (yummy), and a “Join a Club” segment.

Barry's What's Your Score: (64) above, absent, aster, aver, bare, bares, base, baste, bean, beans, bear, bears, beast, beat, beats, best, boater, boaters, bore, bores, breast, east, eats, eons, nave, naves, near, nears, neat, nest, nose, OBSERVANT, rate, rates, rave, raves, rest, rose, rove, roves, sabre, sate, save, saver, sear, seat, sore, stare, starve, stern, store, tare, tear, tears, tern, terns, tone, toner, tones, tore, vase, verb, verbs, vest

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Posted: Mon 01 Aug 2022