Vol22 No18 4th May 2022

May the 4th, be with you! 🙄
Welcome to the JUMBO one for April. We enjoyed putting this together and hope you enjoy reading it.
Our lead article this week is "Climate change, preparing for risk” and inside, another article called "Councillors adopt new plan to manage pests”. There’s also another in our new series “Back in the Day”, about locals and their past endeavours. This one features builder Matt Blomeley.
We’ve launched a new column called “It’s our Business”, in which we showcase local businesses and update you on any of their news”. An interesting read.
There’s puzzles, and a recipe, on page 6. And we feature Tairua Garden Club in our “Join a Club Today” piece, also on page 6.
If you or your club, or your business, would like to be a part of our JUMBO issues, please contact us! Phone or email.

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Posted: Mon 02 May 2022